Dimensity 1000

Unrivaled connectivity, multimedia, AI and imaging

For premium and flagship smartphones


8K Revolution

Bringing New Technology to TVs

久久爱www免费人成MediaTek S900 is ready for premium 8K TVs


The core of an incredible gaming experience

MediaTek Helio G90 Series

Turbocharged Gaming  |  Awesome AI
久久爱www免费人成Super-Sized Cameras

Driving the Future

MediaTek Autus

Reliable 4G/5G Cellular | Premium Infotainment 
mmWave Radar | AI-Vision Processing 
Assisted-to-Autonomous Driving

MediaTek & Samsung Introduce World's First Wi-Fi 6 8K TV
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MediaTek's MT3620 MCU fueling momentum for Microsoft's Azure Sphere
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OPPO Reno 3 Powered by Dimensity 1000 Series dominates Antutu results
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