All about the display experience

Tablets are all about the display experience. Whether watching videos from YouTube or Netflix, browsing the Internet, or playing the latest POV video game, consumers want quick response times and a captivating display performance. 

久久爱www免费人成At MediaTek, we understand this. No matter the shape, size, or connectivity options, MediaTek tablet chipsets are built to ensure that consumers have the best tablet experience available on the market today and our manufacturing partners have the technology tools at their fingertips to build the tablets users demand.

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Captivating Display & Video

Thanks to our proprietary display enhancement technology called MediaTek MiraVision, tablets powered by MediaTek offer a crisper, brighter and more natural visual experience.  

MediaTek tablet solutions also support high-resolution panels up to 2560x1600 and some also offer 4K playback and recording capabilities for a captivating digital TV-like movie experience and console-like gaming. Audio quality is also preserved to ensure true-to-life multimedia moments.

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Powerful performance + energy-efficiency

Our tablet solutions contain the latest advancements in multicore processing.

Using up to to Octa-core processors, MediaTek tablet processors optimize performance and energy use, running tasks on the most suitable cores to offer smooth experiences while saving power.

In particular, our CorePilot technology improves upon ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture to let users make the most out of their device’s battery. Our tablet solutions also benefit from cross-platform synergies inherited from our smartphones chipsets.

Home Entertainment Integration

As an essential part of our Home Entertainment offerings, our tablet products are designed to integrate with other MediaTek solutions and connect with their environment, particularly at home.

Our tablets chipsets offer the latest wireless broadband connectivity, embed advanced content-sharing features such as Miracasting, and even support multi-screen through HDMI. When combined with MediaTek’s Digital TV and home router solutions, our tablet chipsets reach their full potential as control panels for the whole Smart Home and can play a key role within the IoT landscape.

Ecosystem-ready, for today and tomorrow

Beyond home and office, MediaTek tablet chipsets can be used as part of enterprise systems, from point-of-sale to digital interactive displays, catering to complex industrial needs.

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